Saturday March 23, 2019

Puppies 3-6 mo.; 6-9 mo.; 9-12 mo, 12-15 mo.
Adult: American Bred, Open

All classes are divided by sex. Champions exhibition only.
Adults and Puppies will be judged separately.

* Herding: Brent Kindred
* Hounds: Tamara Jackson
* Non-Sporting: Tamara Jackson
* Sporting: Jean Surfus
* Terrier: Jean Surfus
* Toys: Linda Cunnien
* Working: Brent Kindred
* Best Adult in Match: Jean Surfus
* Best Puppy in Match: Jean Surfus
* Miscellaneous/FSS Classes: Linda Cunnien
* Junior Showmanship: Elizabeth Zellmer

Judging begins at 1pm.
Doors open at 10am.
Gate entries start at 11:00am.
Entries close at 12:30pm.


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