Our agility classes begin with the Adolescent Agility Class ( dogs 6 months – 15 months) or the Level I class ( 15 months
and up). Our agility program focuses on meeting you and your dog at where you are at, keeping your dog safe and
helping you to achieve your goals of having fun and competing if this is your goal. All dogs, are welcome to participate.
If you have any questions please contact the chair at the email below.

Class Fees:
$110 non-members; $55 members
Register at least 7 days before class start and get a $10 discount. Coupon Code: EBD
Additional $10.00 discount to non-members with continuing class coupon given from previous instructor

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Contact Information :

Chair: Kim Lohman
Secretary : Pat Smith


Adolescent Agility

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In this class you and your adolescent dog will be introduced to the dog sport of agility.  This class is all ground work with no formal contacts being introduced. This class works on building the relationship between the team, the language of agility and working on the thinking adolescent. This class is for puppies up to age 15 months.

Prerequisite for class: completion of Puppy Star or instructor approval

Agility Level 1

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 In this class we continue to build value for the agility team.  


Tunnel  straight and Curved

Jumps (straight line)


Wobble Board

Wing Jumps

Broad Jump


Tire Jump

Contact Board

Working on Right and Left Side


Must Be Proficient in all of these Skills to move to Level 2


Performs straight and Curved Tunnels

2 on 2 off

Able to complete 3 obstacles in a row

Minimum working distance of 3 feet


Prerequisite for Class:  Completion of Adolescent Agility or Adult Dog completion of CGC or well mannered dog with reliable recall

Level 2 /Fundamentals Agility Class

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The instructor will introduce new training techniques and equipment each week to develop your dog’s trust in the sport, equipment and you! During this class you maybe be introduced to bar jumps, low level dog walk and A-frame, tunnels and many other pieces of equipment . You will also be introduced to crosses and building drive. At the end of class you and your dog will be proficient in the language of Agility and all low level equipment.


Contact Boards

Dog Walk

A – Frame

Flat work – cones

Start Line Stays

Pin Wheel Jumps


Front Cross

180’s 7 270’s

Broad Jump


Must Be Proficient in all of these Skills to move to Level 3

Able to perform all contacts at full height

Able to work on both right and left side at run

Has a working distance of 5-8 ft

Able to complete 5-7 sequenced obstacles

Able to perform basic crosses

Level 3/ Basic Agility Class

This class will continue to build on the skills learned in the Fundamentals class. The instructor will begin to move equipment up to competition

eight, including the a-frame, dog walk and jumps.  The instructor will continue to solidify the basic types of crosses and the teams will begin to sequence obstacles. The agility teams will have the basic crosses and be to the dogs standard height at the completion of the class. Handlers will have a basic understanding of crosses and agility terms.


All Contacts at Full Height


Double and Triple Jump

Basic Sequencing

Team Building 

More Crosses

Must Be Proficient in all Skills and have Instructor Approval to Move to Novice

Novice Agility Class

This class is the continuation of Badger’s Agility training.  Teams will begin to work on building more fluid transitions from obstacles with crosses.  The instructor will challenge the teams to try approaches to running a course. Teams will learn work on all equipment at full height for the dog. The emphasis of class is to get the team ready for competing in a novice level agility trial.  Students will learn handling skills, where to find a trial and sign up and what to do the day of a trial.

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