AKC Community Canine

Class requirements:

Must already have a Canine Good Citizen award or title on record at AKC.
Requires an AKC registration number, PAL number (ILP) or AKC Canine Partners registration number. All dogs, including mixed breeds, can get an AKC number.

Class Description:

Community Canine is the advanced level of AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program.

This class meets for 5 weeks and each meeting is 1.25 hour in length. There will be a test at the end of the course included in the class fee. Passing score on final evaluation is required for title.

AKC Community Canine has a 10-step test of skills that dogs must pass to earn the official AKC Community Canine title. This is a title that appears on the dog’s title record at AKC.

While Canine Good Citizen tests are simulations of real world skills, (e.g., dog/handler walks through a “crowd” of evaluators in a ring), the goal of AKC Community Canine is to test the dog’s skills in a natural setting. For example, rather than the dog being tested in a ring, in AKC Community Canine, the “walks through a crowd” test item will involve the dog walking through a real crowd on a busy sidewalk, in a therapy dog setting, or at a training club. BKC instructors will provide training and help you prepare for the 10 test items you and your dog must pass to receive your CCGA Program Certificate and Title.

  • Dog sits, stands lies down and waits under control while owner is preoccupied with visiting, filling out paperwork, or having a snack
  • Dog walks on a loose leash in a natural situation and does not pull
  • Making left, right turns, stopping, proceeding at a fast and slow pace
  • Dog walks on a loose leash through a real crowd
  • Dog walks past other dogs while on a loose lead
  • While in a group with 2 other handlers with dogs, all dogs in a sit-stay or down-stay
  • Dog allows person carrying a bag or backpack to approach and ask to pet

Please contact Lynda Nelson at bkcpuppy@gmail.com if you have questions.


While we are currently unable to offer classes, we are taking registrations for classes to be held when we are able to re-open. 

If you register now, you will be placed on a list for the next available class session.  Of course, if your plans change, we will gladly refund your class fee.



AKC Community Canine Classes

Click here for Class Registration Form

$110 non-members; $55 members
$10.00 discount to non-members if completed application is received at least 1 week before class start. Coupon Code: EBD
Additional $10.00 discount to non-members with a continuing class coupon provided by previous instructor

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