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Canine Training

We provide training classes for all stages of your dog’s life. If you found this page, you know we offer many different options in your pursuit to build a better relationship with your canine companion. To find a detailed description of the classes offered, schedule, fees, and registration form, please select the class type from the Classes Menu and you will be directed to the appropriate page. The Class Schedule on this page gives a glimpse of our current classes. To sign up, please use the Class Registration form located on each Class page.

Below, you will find a link to the class flowchart that we feel are the best progression of classes for both puppies and adult dogs. Of course,  there are always exceptions to the typical progression! Feel free to email the class contact whose name and email is located on the bottom of each class page.

And don’t forget -BKC welcomes dogs of all breeds including mixed-breed dogs!

Dog Class Flowchart


Class Schedule Sept 2017

Class Schedule
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