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To benefit BKC “equipment fund”

John Wentz, herding Instructor

Big Yellow Boots Farm

N6042 Fox Glen Rd
Portage, WI 53901

Small round pen for introduction to sheep

Small field for those whose dogs are experienced with field work

It is twice the size of AKC herding started field. Usually it is two times with sheep with others taking a turn to give your dog time to think about what happened. John will help those that are first timers or if you need/want assistance.

Pre-registration and payment required. Cost $30 per dog. No refunds for bad weather. Sheep herding goes on rain or shine. Dress accordingly, bring your own chair. Dog needs buckle collar and leash. Guests welcome to watch and socialize if you do not have a herding dog, all dogs welcome for some agility fun too, I’ll have some jumps and a tunnel you can play with.

Lunch served by BKC: BBQ beef or Veggie soup & salad, sides, includes drink and dessert $5. Serving from about noon.

Phone (608)831-4878

Please contact me if you are only coming for lunch and socialization so I have enough food.


Please e-mail the form info and mail signed waiver with check to hold your spot (I’ve had problems in past reading handwritten forms). I will e-mail you when I get your registration. E-mailing me guarantees I can contact you. Or add your phone number.

Herding Fun Day Registration Form (Click here)


  1. Please be considerate to the fun day host as the worksite is also their home and the livestock are their livelihood. It is a privilege to come and work on their farm.
  2. This is not a clinic, and no lessons will be available at the fun day-Wentz will give advice/help for the protection of his sheep.
  3. When you ask for and accept the help of another person it may or may not have the results you’re expecting. If you don’t agree with the opinions or actions of others, it is your responsibility to take them home with you privately so as not to ruin the learning and fun for others. Also try to see criticism as a learning opportunity.
  4. You and your dog must be far enough along with your training to be SAFE working with the stock for the small field.
  5. The fun day host may suggest that you start your dog instead in a clinic or with a private lesson if unsafe behavior is observed, i.e. excessive gripping, chasing or a dog that is not under control.
  6. There will be a sign up sheet for each work area. You may sign up for 2 times but please limit the time worked to 15 minutes Max each time, it may be better for your dog to end sooner when it does something well.
  7. Be respectful of the time limits so everyone has an opportunity to work. Please also realize that occasionally the livestock need a break.
  8. If you have questions or are unsure about where to be working your dog (in a round pen or small field) please ask the fun day host.
  9. Have fun.
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