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Badger Kennel Club offers a variety of activities for dog fanciers including therapy dog work, community outreach and public education, legislative information, canine health seminars, and much more. We sponsor the annual Dairyland Classic, an all-breed dog show and obedience trial in May and the annual canine information extravaganza Wisconsin Dog Fair in November.

Badger Kennel Club members participate in Club activities, serve on committees, and assist with the yearly Dairyland Classic Dog Show in May and the Wisconsin Dog Fair in November.

All members receive a 50% discount on classes offered at the BKC.

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Membership Process:

To be considered for membership applicants must first complete the following:

  • Complete the membership application form
  • Agree to the BKC Code of Ethics
  • Submit the application fee of  $25.00 ($10 for junior member) to the membership chair

The applicant is expected to volunteer participating and/or assisting in BKC activities such as the Dog Show, Dog Fair, Obedience and Rally trials, training classes, or other BKC activities that the member has an interest in and an affinity for.  The applicant must attend two general club meetings, held on the 3rd Thursday of each month 7:00-9:00pm (except July and December).

The extent of the applicant’s activity participation will be verified by the applicant’s mentor and a sponsor who will write two letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation should detail the extent of the applicant’s activity participation. Letters of recommendation will be submitted to membership chairperson who will compile them with the completed application form and signed code of ethics and send them to the Board for approval. The Board should receive this information one month prior to the next general meeting designated for voting.

Membership voting will take place at the next scheduled general meetings.

Questions should be directed to the membership chair:

Pat Smith

Annual membership dues:

Member: $80.00 Initial new member dues
Member: $80 with 0-19 hours of  volunteering in the past year.
Contributor: $60.00 with 20-59 hours of volunteering in the past year (building key available)
Sponsor: $30.00 with 60+ hours of volunteering in the past year (building key available)
Family: $120/$100/$50
Junior: $20

See Member Rewards Program for details.


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