K9 Nose Work Class

Taught by Certified Nose Work Instructor Catherine Gryniewicz.  We will offer 3 different K9 Nose Work (NW) classes including Introduction to K9NW, Advanced K9NW, and Introduction to Odor.  After taking all three classes the canine team should be able to take an Odor Recognition Test (ORT).  For all classes, dogs must be in a crate or in your vehicle when not working.  Only one dog is working at a time.  Dog reactive dogs, but not people reactive dogs, can do this sport.  Please use a red bandana on your dog if it is dog reactive.

Classes are limited to 4-6 dogs.  First 3 classes are held at Badger Kennel Club Training Facility.  The last 3 classes are at various locations to be determined.

Bring to class:  Crate, 3 corrugated boxes, 6 foot leash, collar or harness and treats that your dog loves.

Prior to signing up for the class, please contact Dawn by email (below) to confirm availability of class.  Depending on interest and experience levels, we may offer 2 Introductory classes and drop one of the other classes.  Sign up using the Nose Work Class Flyer.

Nose Work Class Flyer

  1. Introduction to K9 Nose Work—Learn the NW game with the 4 elements: Containers, Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles.
  2. Advanced K9 Nose Work—Focus and refine your skills: Leash handling, Hide placement
  3. Introduction to Odor—Odor recognition with the 4 elements

Contact Dawn Christenson for information:

Email:  BadgerKCTreasurer@gmail.com

1881 Barrington Drive, Sun Prairie WI  53590

Fees:  $150/dog for 6 classes.  Checks made out to BKC and mailed to Dawn Christenson, address above.

Discounts:  No member or non-member discounts or free class certificates are accepted for this class.

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