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  • Benefits of Membership

    Your membership includes the use of the Training Center with its three matted rings for individual training and classes, reduced member fees for classes, run-throughs, and certain events such as seminars and special presentations (when available). This is only an application for membership. There are additional requirements to joining. Find details at badgerkennelclub.com/join

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  • Badger Kennel Club Code of Ethics

    1. Members will refrain from any activities, which would be detrimental to any dog or the Badger Kennel Club.
  • 2. Members will maintain high standards in the health and care of their dogs, always putting the welfare of their dogs above the goals of competition. A dog should be in good health while being trained or shown.
  • 3. Members are urged to foster friendship and offer educational advice to newcomers and novices, observing the rules of good sportsmanship, both in and out of the ring.
  • 4. Members are strongly urged to join their individual breed clubs and to be familiar with the breed standard, genetic screening recommendations and code of ethics of said clubs.
  • 5. Members are encouraged to keep abreast of AKC information on all facets of dog ownership and competition.
  • 6. Members will not breed for, sell, consign or give puppies or adults to pet shops, brokers (retailers), commercial dog wholesalers, dealers or research facilities. Members shall not purchase puppies from brokers for resale or breeding purposes.
  • 7. Members will consider, primarily, the betterment of the breed when allowing any breeding to take place.
  • 8. Members should, to the best of their ability, place puppies only in homes where the owners understand and are prepared to undertake their commitment to responsible dog ownership for the life of the dog. Members are encouraged to use a take-back/buy-back clause on all dogs bred by them. Owners of stud dogs are encouraged to be mutually responsible for all offspring throughout their lives.
  • 9. Members will use a spay/neuter contract or limited registration in the sale of pet puppies.
  • 10. Members will keep accurate breeding records and furnish each buyer with a signed registration form unless written agreement is made that such papers will be withheld. They will also furnish a three-generation pedigree.
  • 11. All advertising will be honest and not in any way be misleading, a misrepresentation or fraudulent.
  • My (Our) signature(s) below indicates my(our) understanding of, and commitment to the BKC Code of Ethics, as stated above.

  • If paying by check, submit this form, make a check out to Badger Kennel club and mail your check to the treasurer:

    c/o Karen Scott
    5453 Lake Mendota Drive
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