Obedience Classes

Definition: a standardized program of training for dogs calculated to give owners mastery of their dogs at all times. The grades of increasing excellence vary between countries. A popular grading is Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog and Tracking Dog.

Below is a list of our upcoming obedience classes. Both purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our obedience sessions!


While we are currently unable to offer classes, we are taking registrations for classes to be held when we are able to re-open. 

If you register now, you will be placed on a list for the next available class session.  Of course, if your plans change, we will gladly refund your class fee.


Obedience & Rally Run-Thrus

2nd Friday of each month (no run-thrus December, July, or August)
Registration: 6-6:30pm
Fee: $6 first run/$5 second run
Contact Ellen Blitz: esblitz@att.net

Beginning Novice Obedience


This six-week class is a beginning novice obedience class offered for dogs six months and up. Instruction will include how to train your dog to sit, give attention, heel on a loose lead, execute a down on command, stand on command, stay and come when called.  These are basic exercises that all dogs should know and will make them more enjoyable companions. These exercises are also essential for those who intend to continue to competition obedience. The lessons will be taught with an emphasis on competitive obedience guidelines; however, those not wishing to show in competition obedience will still enjoy the class and gain a considerable amount of knowledge that will enhance their training and relationship with their pets. This class is designed to encourage enthusiastic, reliable and precise responses from your dog. Learn how to motivate your dog to be a better behaved and controllable companion, and make obedience become a part of your dog’s everyday life.

For questions or further information, please contact Pat Smith at gremlin1953@gmail.com. This class is expected to fill quickly, so please get your registration in soon as space is limited. Please bring treats that your dog enjoys, a training collar and a six-foot cloth or leather leash to class (no halters or chain leashes, please).


Click here for Class Registration Form

New! Open and Utility Skills:


Covering fronts and finishes, retrieves, position changes including moving down, jumping, go-outs, and associated AKC regulations. Goal is to progress, at each dog’s level, toward competition in AKC Open, Utility and related
classes. Dogs should be proficient in Novice skills, though a CD title is not required.

Dates: Thursdays TBD
Time: 10am – 11am
Instructors: Hallie Ray & David Ray

*New! Competition Novice Obedience

Competition Novice Skills covering heeling with attention, bridging to off-lead heeling; stays (stand, sit, down, and groups); examination in sit and stand; and ring preparation including AKC regulations. Goal is to prepare dog and handler teams for eventual competition in AKC Beginner Novice, Novice and/or Preferred Novice obedience. Dogs should have basic leash manners and be controllable around other dogs.

Dates:  Thursdays TBD
Time: 9am – 10am
Instructors:  Hallie Ray & David Ray

Private Lessons are available

Advanced Obedience Lessons taught by Missi Roland who has been involved in competitive obedience for almost 40 years. She has titled her own dogs and those of her clients with great success. Missi has competed in multiple dog sports including Barn Hunt, Tracking, Freestyle Dancing, Flyball, Dock Diving, Hunt Tests, Agility, and Herding, thus providing her with alternate approaches for training obedience. Missi’s titles include three AKC OTCh’s, three UKC OTCh’s and a CKC OTCh. Missi aims for happy, driven to work dogs that are not robots! “I prefer the attitude to the accuracy but feel you can train to get both!”.

Please contact Joan Provencher Joan@jprovencherhr.com for information on all private lessons taught by Missi Roland.  (These classes are designed for teams planning to compete in AKC Obedience.)

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