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BKC offers a variety of obedience classes for new and experienced dogs and handlers. Courses are designed to help you condition reliable behavior from your dog and work together as a team. These courses are designed to help handler/dog teams successfully participate in AKC obedience events. Our obedience classes emphasize positive reinforcement to obtain the desired response from the dogs.

Obedience run throughs are also offered as extra practice for people interested in participating in AKC obedience events.

obedience training

Basic Obedience

This is a 6-week class to learn the fundamentals of dog obedience training. The dog must be 6 months or older and have a manageable disposition to enter the class. The handler must be 10 years or older or have the instructor’s permission. Training will include: walking nicely on a loose leash, sit-stay, stand-stay, come when called, etc.

At the completion of Basic Obedience the handler should be able to:

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Intermediate Obedience

dog sitting

This is an 8-week class for intermediate/advanced level obedience designed for dogs who have completed Basic Obedience (or equivalent) and those handlers who wish to improve their dog’s obedience and their handling skills. It is also for handlers and their dogs that have an interest in entering obedience trials/competitions or dog sports (such as agility). Training will include: advanced levels of healing, increased timing with sit-stay, down-stay, and stand-stay, come when called while distracted, etc.
At the completion of Intermediate Obedience class the handler-dog team should be able to:

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sit stay

Courses geared towards participation in AKC Companion Dog events

Novice Ready for Ring

Novice Ready for Ring is an 8-week class for dogs and their handlers who have completed Intermediate Obedience or equivalent training with approval of the instructor. This training class is preparation for AKC Obedience trials. It is for handlers with their dogs who intend to compete in the Novice Obedience class and earn a Companion Dog (CD) title. It also provides opportunity for experienced handlers to work in the Trial Obedience ring environment. Class participants will work individually with an instructor on on-leash and off-leash exercises and in small groups with an instructor for Figure 8, Recall and stationary (stand, sit, down) exercises. Novice Ready for Ring is offered the second session (spring) every year and/or on demand thereafter if a group of 8 or 10 teams can be formed. The optimum class size is 8. A minimum class size of 4 and a maximum size of 10 may be accepted.

To enter the Ready for Ring class the handler should have an established Attention technique and be able to:

The exit expectation for Novice Ready for Ring is the completion of a qualifying AKC Novice routine and knows the ring procedure for the AKC® Novice Obedience class.

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high jump

Open & Utility Obedience

"Missy"Open / Utility class is structured for dog and handler teams preparing for the upper levels of AKC (or comparable) obedience competition. Teams will be working at different levels on many exercises. Class content will vary according to the individual needs of each dog and handler.

Obedience Run-Thrus

Do you and your companion dog(s) need practice for competition in the Obedience ring? Obedience run-thrus are intended as a training aid for handlers and their dogs in AKC® Novice, Open, or Utility classes. No scoring will be done; however, the practice judge will make helpful suggestions on your performance if you wish.

Run-thrus are held the 2nd Friday of the month, excluding July, August and December. Registration starts at 6:00 pm; enter any class you wish.
More information on runthrus

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You can contact us though this e-mail: BadgerKC@yahoo.com