Our puppy classes are for purebred and mixed breed puppies that are 8 weeks up to one year in age. We focus on positive reinforcement techniques and puppy socialization at an early age. We believe that the more time you can spend socializing and training your dog at a young age, the more benefits you will see throughout the dog’s life.  Also, check out the Puppy Agility classes on the Agility page when you’ve finished puppy class training!  Pups age 8 months and younger must have at least 1 puppy class before registering for other classes at BKC.

Contact:Michaela Payne, (608)515-8620 or bkcpuppychair@gmail.com

$110 non-members; $55 members
There is a $10.00 discount to non-members if the completed application (including payment and vaccinations) is received a week before class start. Coupon Code: EBD
Additional $10.00 discount to non-members with a continuing class coupon provided by previous instructor.


What age should I take my puppy to classes?  What if my puppy doesn’t have all of his vaccinations?  My vet/breeder says to wait until after age 16 weeks to join a puppy class?  Please read Socialization and Vaccination Recommendations from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists.  Then come join us.

Information on Potty Training from PerfectPaws.com:  House Training a Puppy

We are very pleased to see that Ultimate Puppy has relaunched and now has a website available with many great resources, articles, socialization schedule, cute puppy pictures and more.

Puppy Playtimes and Puppy Culture DVD Class

Fee: $20.00 per puppy/FREE to puppies currently enrolled in our Puppy Basics class (under 16 weeks of age)

Well worth your money and time!  An excellent DVD series for breeders, prospective owners and owners alike.  Run time is 4 1/2 hours total, separated into 4-5 class times.  Participants can bring pups (16 weeks and under) with a crate. There will be play times (2-3 for 5-10 min each) and crate or lap time while we watch the show. Bring a good chew toy or bone for keeping pup busy.
Video information at PuppyCulture.com
Contact Lynda Nelson if you are interested in this class.  bkcpuppy@gmail.com

Beginning Puppy Basics

Click here for Class Registration Form – MUST Complete Online ONLY

This 6 week class is geared towards puppies that are 8 to 16 weeks old when starting class. This course focuses on teaching socializing with unfamiliar puppies & humans as well as bite inhibition and ways to self-calm. Please be prepared for you and your family to get involved! You and your puppy will learn the basics commands, such as: come, sit, down, stay, off (feet on floor), and leave it (get away from that). There will be discussion on house training and other basic issues that might crop up during your puppy’s early months. If your puppy is a little older than 16 weeks, please look into the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class.

AKC Star Puppy

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This 6 week class is for puppies that are 4 to 6 month old when starting class.  This course is the next step in your puppy training journey and for those pups who wish to earn their AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy certificate.   We will continue working on basic obedience at a higher level.  Attendance at all 6 classes is mandatory to pass the evaluation in the last class (if you must miss a class, you will need to make arrangements with the instructor).   Pups should be able to play well off leash with other pups to join this class.  Please consider the Challenging Adolescent Canines class for pups who don’t play well.  We will allow older puppies to take the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy evaluation (up to 1 year of age), please contact us for more information.

Puppy Obedience

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This 6 week class is for puppies that have completed both Puppy Basic and AKC STAR Puppy class or have instructor permission.  Pups must be able to play well off leash.  This class is designed to help you continue training through your puppy’s adolescence. Maximum age for puppies in this class is 18 months. The class is limited to 6 puppies per session. Please contact us for more information.

Puppy Tricks Class

This is is a basic tricks class for those that have taken or are taking Puppy Obedience class.  We will have some off-leash play socialization interspersed with trick training. The tricks will build on skills the puppies know as well as new skills they will learn. Many of the tricks will be from the AKC Novice and Intermediate tricks list for the AKC Trick Dog title. The goal of the class is to have fun with your puppy and if you would like to get the AKC Trick Dog titles you will have the tricks to do so.

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Winter Session I

Date:  Saturdays 1/6/18-2/10/18
Time: 10:15-11:15am
Instructor J Larson/Assistant K Lohman

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