Rally I and Rally II classes run concurrently. Rally II will run course set up, while Rally I students are learning signs. Then Rally II students work on new signs while Rally I students run course. All dogs, including both purebred and mixed breed dogs, are welcome to participate in our rally classes!

Contact: Karen Albright 831-4878 or kjalbrig@wisc.edu with any questions.

$110 non-members; $55 members
$10.00 discount to non-members if completed application is received at least 1 week before class start. Coupon Code: EBD
Additional $10.00 discount to non-members with a continuing class coupon provided by previous instructor

Rally I

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This 6 week class has an established curriculum. This class is for dogs who already know basic obedience (heel, sit, down, stay) and want to learn Rally Novice. All 31 AKC Novice signs will be taught and reviewed. Students will receive ring experience running courses. Many trainees take this class more than one time to learn the rally signs and then to improve their skills with the signs for Rally competition. Week 7 is a Mock Trial.


Rally II

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This class will teach Rally Advanced and Excellent skills, signs and courses. This class is for dogs who have been through Rally Level 1 or have been trained to a Rally Novice level and are ready to move on to learn Rally Advanced and Excellent skills. This class may be taken more than once since all of the Advanced and Excellent signs will be introduced in a 6 week session, few dogs will improve the skills to a competition level in just 6 weeks.  Week 7 is Mock Trial.


Obedience & Rally Run-Thrus

Novice/Open,  2nd Friday of each month (no run-thrus December, July, or August)
Registration: 6-6:30pm
Fee: $6 first run/$5 second run
Contact Kelly White: lucygoose100@gmail.com
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