Member Rewards

Being a member volunteer does have its rewards!

Member volunteers contribute their personal time, effort, and talents to further the mission of the Badger Kennel Club. Member volunteers not only assist Badger Kennel Club in being successful but also help the community in discovering the many benefits and joys of training their dog. With the help of member volunteers, the BKC can provide the opportunities for enhancing the bond between human and canine companions.

The Badger Kennel Club is an all volunteer organization and the participation from each and every member is crucial to the success of our club. As a result, all members are eligible to participate in the new Reward Program. With the exception of actively taking a class with your canine, any time spent volunteering or working on club business can be applied! Be sure to track your hours beginning July 1, 2016!


young man and dog jumping in the sky

Membership Levels

Not only do members receive a 50% discount on classes offered at the BKC but volunteering now rewards you with a discount on membership dues.

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