Tricks Class Intermediate

Tricks class is a great option to keep you and your dog mentally fit.  Bring your lightly used obedience commands and take them to a new level!  Tricks are a great option for potential therapy dogs.  We will use positive motivational methods such as a clicker, marker word, and/or treats to shape, capture or lure tricks and communicate with the dog.  American Kennel Club (AKC) recently introduced a new AKC Trick Dog titling series.  Many of the AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate trick skills will be introduced.

Prerequisite for this class is attendance in one or more of the following classes:  AKC STAR Puppy, Beginning Family Dog Training, Canine Good Citizen.  Dogs need not pass the Canine Good Citizen evaluation to attend Tricks Class.

Instructor: Jennifer Larson


$110 non-members; $55 members
There is a $10.00 discount to non-members if the completed application (including payment and vaccinations) is received a week before class start. Coupon Code: EBD
Additional $10.00 discount to non-members with a continuing class coupon provided by previous instructor.

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Winter Session I

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