Volunteer Opportunities

We are an all volunteer club and as such, our success depends on participation from each and every member! If you are searching for a way to help out contact any Committee Chairperson to get yourself involved in your area of interest.

Currently, we are in need of volunteers to help out with:

  • Dairyland Classic workers: Contact Terry Lendved or Kim Lohman bkcshowchair@gmail.com
  • RV coordinator at the Dairyland Classic Dog Show, May 3-6 2018.  Familiarity with RVs and dog shows is helpful. Need to be on site at Jefferson County Fairgrounds for the 4 days.  A mentor is available with details.  Contact Terry Lendved.  bkcshowchair@gmail.com
  • Microchip Event Coordinator: Contact Lynda Nelson bkcpuppy@gmail.com
  • Garage Sale assistants: Contact Karen Shaw kresdogs34@charter.net
  • November 2018 Dog Fair workers: Contact
  • March 17/18 2018 Obedience Trial help: Contact Judy Donmoyer donmoyer@wisc.edu
  • December 2018 Agility Trial help: Contact Kelly White or Carrie Knutson lucygoose100@gmail.com

We are also in need of Chairpersons:

  • Canine Good Citizen Chair – Talk with class participants, arrange instructors, check in classes.  Work with CGC secretary.  bkcpuppy@gmail.com
  • Marketing & Publicity Chair – Advertise BKC in the community via social media, print, and more.  bkcpuppy@gmail.com
  • Ethics Chair – Research and report to the membership ethical issues involving dogs and their care.  bkcpuppy@gmail.com
  • Webmaster – Help run our WordPress website.  Can be done from home.  bkcpuppy@gmail.com
  • Fundraising Chair – Help plan and organize fund raising events such as a garage sale, dog items for sale at the club or whatever fun ideas come up!  bkcpuppy@gmail.com

Without the help of our members, the BKC can not function! Please, get involved, enjoy the company of other dog lovers, and maybe learn a thing or two!!

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